Dag Pike Associates is a multi-faceted consultancy company based around the extensive experience of its senior partner Dag Pike. 65 years at sea professionally in a wide variety of vessels and a wide variety of weather conditions has produced an un-paralleled experience of assessing wind and sea conditions, of assessing hull design and vessel performance, of navigation, of evaluating new concepts and new techniques and of the good practice of seamanship.


For the best analytical analysis for marine expert witness work and 30 years of court experience Dag Pike tops the list. Much of this expertise has been distilled in the more than 40 books written by Dag Pike and his expertise is in demand for presenting expert conference papers. Dag Pike has helped to shape the world of high speed navigation where he has been considered the best in the World. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

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