My latest book How to Drive Lifeboats and Rescue Boats has now been published and has received very positive reviews. It was published by the prestigious Nautical Institute and is available from them through their web site. This book is a sequel to my Launch and Recovery of Lifeboats book also published by the Nautical Institute.
My book Powerboat Design and Performance is scheduled for a launch within the next couple of months.


Two new books written by Dag Pike are now completed and being readied for publication which is expected this autumn. One book is to be called Driving Lifeboats and Rescue Boats and it will be published by the Nautical Institute as a companion volume to the Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships published last year. The second book is Powerboat Design and Performance which is an in depth look at how motor boats and powerboats are designed looking at the various options and how to drive them to get the best performance. This is being published by the Adlard Coles branch of Bloomsbury.


Dag Pike has been a member of the Royal Meteorological Society for a number of years but recently he has been elected to be a Fellow of the Society, the highest level of membership. The award is in recognition of his contribution to weather publications and weather innovation and research, mainly in the field of wind and wave forecasting over the ocean.