There are many experts in the World but none with the depth of experience and knowledge of Dag Pike Associates. After 65 years of experience in ships and boats of all types and after writing over 40 books Dag Pike is probably the most experienced seaman and navigator in the country. Together with our associates we roam the World keeping in direct touch with the leisure and commercial markets and experiencing the latest in maritime developments.

Dag Pike

Our services to clients can include a wide variety of options including market surveys and assessments, expert witness evidence, training and vessel design and development. Our experience ranges from driving and navigating some of the fastest boats in the World, operating boats in some of the roughest seas in the World, the development of the first rigid inflatable boat (RIB) over 50 years ago, search and rescue and shipwreck experience, boat surveying, hydrographic surveying, and weather and sea condition analysis.

Dag Pike Associates range of clients in extensive. Market surveys and analysis have been carried out for marine propulsion and engine manufacturers as well as boat builders. Training courses have run for various military and para-military organisations. We have worked for many of the major marine solicitors on expert witness work over the past 30 years as well as HM Customs and Revenue and the Treasury Solicitor. On vessel design we have worked for major yacht builders such as Azimut and Sealegs and many RIB builders.

Dag Pike at the Nav Station

Weather and sea condition analysis has been carried out for 6 Atlantic record attempts as well as other shorter record attempts. Much of our expert witness work involves weather and sea condition analysis and the effect of sea conditions on boat performance and passenger comfort.