This is my latest book to be published and it is available from the publishers, Pen and Sword Ltd or from all good bookshops and on line of course. It cover the whole history of navigation right from the early days 5000 years ago through to the latest satellite systems with also a glimpse into the future. It was a fascinating book to research and write and is the first complete book on the subject for about 50 years.


This book has now been finished and is with the publishers with publication expected in September this year, In addition to the chapters that I have written covering all aspects of modern powerboats design it has short sections written by many of the top powerboat designers around the World so that the book offers a wide perspective on the design of both dislacement and planing powered boats. This is thought to be the first attempt in modern times to analyse all the factors that go into the design of modern powerboats and so the book should become a classic of its generation.


Just back from a trip to Svalbard in the High Arctic where I spent 5 days on a 20 metre research vessel cruising the coasts of this wild and inhospitable area. Despite it being summer the temperatures were in single figures and of course the sun never sets this far north in the summer. We were just 1000 miles from the North Pole and this was a fascinating new boating experience. I have been cruising in many parts of the World but have never been this far north. It is the farthest you can go north without encountering ice and the wildlife included polar bears and walruses


Dag Pike has today signed a contract to write a book about how to drive and handle ships’ lifeboats. It is a subject that has never been written about before and dag Pike will bring his extensive experience of boat driving to this subject. At this stage there is no date for the delivery of this book.


Dag Pike is on stand-by to appear as an expert witness at a manslaughter by gross negligence trial in the London court, the Old Bailey, next month.


We have a contract to help design and develop the helm position and crew positions for some fast RIB designs being developed by a German company.


Now halfway through a book that will be called Powerboat Driving and Performance which will put my 65 years of driving powerboats of all shapes and sizes down on paper and into the public domain. It is a fascinating challenge trying to put down in writing all of things that you do instinctively when driving a boat. As the title suggests it covers not only how to drive the boat but the design and development of powerboats fast and slow, the controls, safety, comfort, all the factors that go towards understanding how powerboats work and how to get the best out of them. A unique feature of this book will be the thoughts of many of the World’s top powerboat designers. The book is scheduled for delivery in the Autumn and publication next year


This book has now been published by Pen and Sword Ltd and should be available through them or through web sites such as Amazon.

Great coverage about the book in Cruising Odyssey a web based blog from the US

This is my 50th book and more to come


Writing has started on a new book, this one to be called The History of Navigation. Surprisingly, whilst there are books that deal with certain aspects of the development of navigation through the ages there is no one complete book which is what we are now writing. It is a large subject and as always with a book I am looking for illustrations so if anyone out there has any photos, drawings or old charts that might work in the book I would love to hear from you. Full acknowledgement would be given in the book of course.