All work on my latest book, Work and Patrol Boats has now been completed and I am waiting for a publication date from the publishers, Mercator Media Ltd. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of months. Meanwhile we are busy with an expert witness job that is likely to come to court in the next few months, Covid 19 permitting. This is a civil case involving a collision between two small craft.


We were asked to report on a collision between a fast RIB passenger boat and a mooring buoy on the Thames where the skipper was being accused by the MCA of not proceeding at a safe speed. Following my report a beneficial settlement has been reached in this case which will now not have to go to court.

I also have another expert witness case pending but not sure of the time scale of this one in these challenging times.


The draft manuscript for my latest book has now been completed and submitted to the publisher. Work and Patrol Boats is a book that covers all aspects of this commercial and military sector of the market and is the first ever book on this subject to be written. The book was scheduled to be published in June but this publication date is now likely to be put back because of the Coronavirus epidemic.

I am also working on two expert witness cases. One which is close to completion involves a passenger RIB on the River Thames where the skipper is being charged by the MCA and the other which is still in its early stages is a personal injury case following a collision.

At this time we are in self-isolation but obviously still available by telephone, email and Skype. We look forward to hearing from you


This long awaited book has now been published and is the first book written on this challenging subject for a long time. It covers every aspect of the design and equipment on modern powerboats both fast and slow or planing and displacement and also contains contributions from some of the World’s top powerboat designers. This is a hardback book with lots of colour pictures and is destined to become a classic. It is available on many web sites as well as from the publishers Adlard Coles who are part of the Bloomsbury Group one of Britain’s top publishing companies. It established Pike as one of the top authorities on Powerboats.


My latest book How to Drive Lifeboats and Rescue Boats has now been published and has received very positive reviews. It was published by the prestigious Nautical Institute and is available from them through their web site. This book is a sequel to my Launch and Recovery of Lifeboats book also published by the Nautical Institute.
My book Powerboat Design and Performance is scheduled for a launch within the next couple of months.


Two new books written by Dag Pike are now completed and being readied for publication which is expected this autumn. One book is to be called Driving Lifeboats and Rescue Boats and it will be published by the Nautical Institute as a companion volume to the Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships published last year. The second book is Powerboat Design and Performance which is an in depth look at how motor boats and powerboats are designed looking at the various options and how to drive them to get the best performance. This is being published by the Adlard Coles branch of Bloomsbury.


Dag Pike has been a member of the Royal Meteorological Society for a number of years but recently he has been elected to be a Fellow of the Society, the highest level of membership. The award is in recognition of his contribution to weather publications and weather innovation and research, mainly in the field of wind and wave forecasting over the ocean.


This is my latest book to be published and it is available from the publishers, Pen and Sword Ltd or from all good bookshops and on line of course. It cover the whole history of navigation right from the early days 5000 years ago through to the latest satellite systems with also a glimpse into the future. It was a fascinating book to research and write and is the first complete book on the subject for about 50 years.


This book has now been finished and is with the publishers with publication expected in September this year, In addition to the chapters that I have written covering all aspects of modern powerboats design it has short sections written by many of the top powerboat designers around the World so that the book offers a wide perspective on the design of both dislacement and planing powered boats. This is thought to be the first attempt in modern times to analyse all the factors that go into the design of modern powerboats and so the book should become a classic of its generation.


Just back from a trip to Svalbard in the High Arctic where I spent 5 days on a 20 metre research vessel cruising the coasts of this wild and inhospitable area. Despite it being summer the temperatures were in single figures and of course the sun never sets this far north in the summer. We were just 1000 miles from the North Pole and this was a fascinating new boating experience. I have been cruising in many parts of the World but have never been this far north. It is the farthest you can go north without encountering ice and the wildlife included polar bears and walruses