After developing the concept and building the first RIB in the World, we have been involved in RIB design, RIB operation and testing and RIB training for the past 52 years. We have experience of some of the fastest RIBs in the World and have wide experience of rough sea operations. In 2014 Dag Pike wrote The Complete RIB Manual to mark the 50th.anniversary of the first RIB.

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Dag Pike holds a Master’s Certificate as well as a Yachtmaster Ocean. He has navigated a wide variety of craft from ships to small inflatables and is recognised as the best fast boat navigator in the World, having navigated a number of racing boats and record breaking boats to success. He has wide experience of night time and fog navigation and has written several books on navigation as well as working on the development of new electronic navigation systems.



Dag Pike has extensive experience of weather and waves of all types including experiencing 3 rogue waves and participating in challenging voyages in small boats in extreme rough seas. He has been the weather forecaster on numerous record attempts and ocean passages and has carried out weather and wave assessments on many expert witness cases. He has written the Manual of the Weather for the Royal Ocean Racing Club and weather and wave forecasting have featured in many of his other books. He is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorology Society

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Dag Pike has carried out many condition and insurance surveys plus valuations with 30 years of experience. Much of this experience was gained when working as an Inspector of Lifeboats for the RNLI and is contained in his book How to Survey Your Own Boat which has been translated into four languages. Expert witness work has included assessments of boat condition.


Considerable experience of Search and Rescue operations was gained when working for the RNLI and this experience is expanded in his book for the Royal Ocean Racing Club Manual of Safety and Survival. Dag Pike has been rescued at sea 12 times so has considerable personal experience of search and rescue, lifeboat operations and rescue techniques.


Much experience in the launch and recovery of boats from ships was gained when working on Trinity House lighthouse tenders and has since been extended into the operation of stand-by ships in the North Sea and work with the US Coast Guard and other operators. Dag Pike has designed several specialist launch and recovery systems for launching craft from RIBs to 12 tonne tugs in safety in adverse conditions. He was retained by the Health and Safety Executive to analyse and propose improvements to launch and recovery systems in use in the North Sea offshore oil operations.


Dag Pike has navigated and driven some of the fastest boats in the World culminating in winning the World Offshore Powerboat Championship in 1988. He has participated in several long distance record attempts including 6 Atlantic record attempts and has been involved in the design of cockpits and dashboards for high speed boats.

Virgin Atlantic Challenger II 1986


Extensive experience of a wide range of work and fishing boats has been gained both through practical sea-going experience and in expert witness work involving these craft. He has been involved in the design and development of workboats for specific tasks and has particular experience of adapting RIBs to various workboat and patrol boat operations.


As well as writing the Royal Ocean racing Club Manual of Safety and Survival, Dag Pike has been a long term advocate of safety at sea and has done much to promote this both in his writing and in talks and papers presented. Most of the books written by Dag Pike incorporate safety lessons and advice and his record of personal survival often under challenging conditions is testimony to his experience and skill.


Dag Pike Associates has carried out many market assessments and market surveys on behalf of a wide range of international clients. These include engine and propulsion manufacturers, patrol boat builders, RIB builders and electronics companies. We can supply detailed information about the prospects for markets on both a regional and worldwide basis, with the information culled from both statistics and long experience.


Dag Pike has over 30 years of experience as an expert witness appearing in both civil and criminal courts. Clients have included a wide spectrum of the main marine solicitors, insurance companies, the Treasury Solicitor and HM Customs and Excise. The expertise involved has covered a wide range of subjects including navigation, assessments of weather and sea conditions, collisions, boat handling and driving techniques and has involved a wide range of vessels from small RIBs to large fishing boats and offshore oil vessels. He has appeared in the High Court and the Admiralty Courts in London. The cases have ranged from insurance fraud and manslaughter to drug smuggling and personal injury claims.