Now halfway through a book that will be called Powerboat Driving and Performance which will put my 65 years of driving powerboats of all shapes and sizes down on paper and into the public domain. It is a fascinating challenge trying to put down in writing all of things that you do instinctively when driving a boat. As the title suggests it covers not only how to drive the boat but the design and development of powerboats fast and slow, the controls, safety, comfort, all the factors that go towards understanding how powerboats work and how to get the best out of them. A unique feature of this book will be the thoughts of many of the World’s top powerboat designers. The book is scheduled for delivery in the Autumn and publication next year


This book has now been published by Pen and Sword Ltd and should be available through them or through web sites such as Amazon.

Great coverage about the book in Cruising Odyssey a web based blog from the US

This is my 50th book and more to come


Writing has started on a new book, this one to be called The History of Navigation. Surprisingly, whilst there are books that deal with certain aspects of the development of navigation through the ages there is no one complete book which is what we are now writing. It is a large subject and as always with a book I am looking for illustrations so if anyone out there has any photos, drawings or old charts that might work in the book I would love to hear from you. Full acknowledgement would be given in the book of course.


A new departure in expert witness work for us was to provide expert evidence at an inquest. The inquest was enquiring into a death caused by a collision between two jet skis on a small lake and this was a rare inquest with a jury. The expert evidence was a challenge because of course there was only evidence from one side of the collision and new evidence was brought up during my time in the witness box which can be challenging. The verdict was accidental death


An expert witness job led to an appearance in Winchester Crown Court where a manslaughter trial was taking place. The case involved a collision between a yacht’s tender and the mother yacht and it was largely on my evidence and analysis of the video of the incident that the person charged was found not guilty.

Sea trails of the world’s fastest Lifeboat

We have recently carried out sea trials in Italy on the World’s fastest lifeboat, a 60 knot 60 footer built by FB Design. This new concept of all-weather lifeboat is set to revolutionise search and rescue operations where speed can be a critical factor. Powered by a pair of 2000hp MTU diesels this is a highly manoeuvrable and agile design that brings a new meaning to fast lifeboat design.



Dag Pike Associates were commissioned to find suitable commercially available hulls for use as the basis for tenders for a large superyacht. One 14 metre and one 10 metre hull were required and the basic requirement was that they would provide a soft and level ride at high speed. DPA evaluated several possible hulls for these roles and for the larger version the Hunton 14 metre was the preferred option and for the smaller version the Castoldi 10 metre tender was chosen.

Both have now been completed and delivered and the project director for the superyacht has said that both have exceeded expectations in their performance. In particular the Hunton was modified with both a Seakeeper gyro stabiliser and the Humphree Interceptor system to provide both high and low speed stability whilst the hull chines were modified with a stepped chine system. DPA specialises in creating designs that can meet particular requirements and this project that involved adapting standard designs to the specialised requirements was typical of the DPA expertise. The superyacht will be delivered in April 2017