Dag Pike Associates were commissioned to find suitable commercially available hulls for use as the basis for tenders for a large superyacht. One 14 metre and one 10 metre hull were required and the basic requirement was that they would provide a soft and level ride at high speed. DPA evaluated several possible hulls for these roles and for the larger version the Hunton 14 metre was the preferred option and for the smaller version the Castoldi 10 metre tender was chosen.

Both have now been completed and delivered and the project director for the superyacht has said that both have exceeded expectations in their performance. In particular the Hunton was modified with both a Seakeeper gyro stabiliser and the Humphree Interceptor system to provide both high and low speed stability whilst the hull chines were modified with a stepped chine system. DPA specialises in creating designs that can meet particular requirements and this project that involved adapting standard designs to the specialised requirements was typical of the DPA expertise. The superyacht will be delivered in April 2017


21.09.2016 Dag Pike is currently writing a book on Launch and Recovery which will be published by the Nautical Institute

01.09.2016 We are working on the development of a system that will automatically attached and release a davit or crane hoist without human intervention. This is primarily aimed at the launch and recovery of Autonomous Surface vessels but from the results so far this could also make a much more effective system for the launch and recovery of davit launched rescue and patrol boats.